Women’s History Month Magazine

Women’s History Month became a global fixture on the international calendar at the turn of the century and has now come to mark the achievements and milestones of women from all societies and from all cultures across the world.

We stand for women

In our publication we will highlight how women have made progress in all sectors, from Politics to the Uniformed Services, Business and Industry to Sports the Environment ,Sciences and the Arts.Here in the UK more and more women are joining the emergency services– once a one-time male-dominated domain – and more and more are steadily rising up the ranks.In business and industry the profiles of the boardrooms are changing as female entrepreneurs are being recognised for their flair, their success and their skills. In addition we pay tribute to the woman of yesteryear who have paved the way for our success of today.

Celebrating Leading Women in Engineering

Diversity at Goldman Sachs

Business in the Community – Gender Equality Campaign

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